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About Talistones

Throughout history, people of all cultures have valued beautiful stones and often used them as talismans or totems. Using them in such a way can change the way you think and sometimes even change your life! Talistones are made of naturally shaped river pebbles of quartz, agate and jasper. At Mountain Vista Studios,LLC, we sand carve the selected stones with inspirational words and symbols. Carrying beautiful stones is a common human trait. Let your inner guide pick one for you and carry it in your pocket. Every time you touch the stone it will remind you of why you have it and what it means. The more attention, intention, energy and expectation you put into the stone, the more effective the process. Some say that stones and symbols have power and that they are magic like the talismans of ancient times. . . Carry this stone and let the magic work for you!

In addition to our great pocket Talistones™, we also do a lot of custom etched smaller stones which are often used at graduations and other special events like weddings and for fundraising.

We also produce a beautiful line of larger engraved stones, including Memorial Stones for pets and other departed loved ones and Garden Stones which provide beautiful unique accents for almost any garden. Finally we offer stone address markers.

About Mountain Vista Studios, LLC

We at Mountain Vista Studios, LLC, are the people behind Talistones™. Through the years we have developed a lot of collective experience in several different media. Talistones™ are one of the many products we have developed. Here is a partial list of the processes and directions we incorporate into our products, gallery pieces and custom fabrications: Engraved stone, carved stone, etched stone, etched rock, sandblasted stone, engraved glass, etched glass, glue chipped glass, stained glass, to name a few. In our sculpture we use these media to produce many products including: Talistones™ , pet stones, memorial stones, wedding favors, garden stones, pocket stones, paperweights, ornaments, Christmas ornaments, Symbols™ Earrings, jewelry, earrings, etched earrings, Jewellery With A Meaning™, Glass tables, etched glass tables, game tables, chess tables, backgammon tables, Go tables, coffee tables, dining tables, art glass, terrariums, glass terrariums, stained glass terrariums, furniture, steel furniture, wrought iron furniture, wrought iron tables, wrought iron chairs and much more. Finally, our designs are all original and are inspired by many muses, including natural history, metaphysical and religions thought, scientific principles and magic!

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This product is not Indian made or an Indian product under U.S. C. §305 et. seq.

This product is not Indian made or an Indian product under U.S. C. §305 et. seq.

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