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Talistone Magnets™

Talistone Magnets™ are small polished river stones which have been engraved with inspirational words and symbols from all over the world. QuoteStone Magnets™ are similar, but the more complex quotes and sayings are printed on the stone, the same way which golf balls are printed. Symbols Magnets™ are bi-metal engravings shaped for styoe and strength...

Designed as "Refrigerator" magnets these tiny pieces of rock and metal art will hold up several notes or large photos. Also, because they are made from actual river stones, they are MUCH sturdier than cast stone or porcelin magnets! All of the hundreds of designs we make as pocket stones are also availavle as Talistone Magnets™ as are many of our Symbols™ earring designs.

ALSO remember that we do custom engraving and printing for both wholesale and retail customers and we have no minimums!

Wholesale point of purchase displays available - Offset with merchandise!

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Retail Cost: US$6.95ea. plus shipping



QuoteStones™ are pocket stones imprinted*  with Prayers, Affiramations and Famous Words of Wisdom.

Retail Cost: US$5.95ea. plus shipping


Dozens of Quotes available. Please see "QuoteStones" for a list of available quotations and remember, we also do custom printing.

*These stones are imprinted the same way as golf balls and last a long time if not mistreated.


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